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My First Emotions. Develop your child's emotional intelligence
My First Emotions. Develop your child's emotional intelligence
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Издательство: Умница
Год выпуска: 2017
Тип обложки: Box
Оформление: Частичная лакировка
Масса: 1550 г
Размеры: 235x327x112 мм
Наличие: На складе
DEVELOPING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IS IMPORTANT! Research shows that building a child's emotional intelligence improves their social skills, relationships, behaviour and academic achievement. NEW! FROM BRITISH EXPERTS 'My First Emotions' teaches you vital parenting techniques and provides a wealth of multisensory, connected learning materials to use with your child. It was specially written by British experts -based on the latest psychological research -and uses methods proven to develop children's emotional understanding. COMMUNICATE BETTER WITH YOUR CHILD With 'My First Emotions', you will be able to: - better understand your child's emotions; - deal with your child's emotions and behaviour in a healthy way; - teach your child how to understand their own and other people's emotions; - help your child to control their emotions; - build a warm and healthy emotional environment in your family. * 5 books about emotions Help your child to see how Robbie the rabbit experiences and handles emotions through these engaging tales. * Robbie Puppet & 5 Emotion Toys Make Robbie and his emotions 'come to life'! Talk about, model and explore emotions in a safe and fun way using the puppet, and toys with sounds. * 30 Story Cards Make up your own unique stories and play games to deepen your child's understanding of emotions. * Parent's Guide Everything you need to know about developing your child's emotional intelligence. Features a wealth of fantastic advice from Dr John Lambie. * Activity Book 60 entertaining games and activities to help you put the guidance into practice and develop your child's emotional understanding * More Online

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